Monday, June 30, 2014

short update

Thanks everyone for your patience! It's going to be pretty quiet here until we pass court- once we pass court though be prepared to be bombarded with pictures! Visits are going very well and we are so appreciative of your prayers for us- please continue to pray that we will get court dates soon, and that we will have kind judges! Thank you :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


And just like that we have dates- JUNE 17TH! Wow! I'm glad we were mostly packed already! this next week will be speant in a panic induced state while we get last minute things together and we won't have much to post until we have passed court- which could take several weeks- we appreciate your prayers as we start this crazy journey called parenthood!

THANK YOU to everyone who donated and helped us pay the ransom for our children! Thank you for letting God use you in this way to be a blessing to us- we can never ever thank you enough!


Monday, June 9, 2014


Hello friends! We have been in the "waiting for travel dates" phase going on 7 weeks now and it is HARD! I check my phone like a crazy person, hoping our stateside facilitator will call me with the news of those darn dates! That call could come at any second and we are on pins and needles so we've tried to focus on staying busy with other things. There are a lot of travel preparations we can't do until we know those dates (booking plane tickets, for example...) but there are a few things we can do now! We have an umbrella stoller and a toddler size carrier for our girly all ready to go plus a few clothes for her as well. It's hard to buy things for the kiddos now since we don't know what size they are yet, so we will end up buying clothes for them to wear home while in country.

Also, some of Alden's amazing family members came to visit us a few weekends ago and brought a uhaul absolutely packed with gifts for the kids and yard sale items to help us with fundraising! We now have a second loft bed for Pierce and a MATTRESS!!!! We knew the bed was coming, donated by Alden's aunt who is amazing, but the mattress was a complete suprise from Alden's mom! I cried.  I wish I had some pictures to share with you all but sadly I have been forgetting to take any! I blame adoption brain.

Also, I owe you a picture of the puzzle! It's coming together nicely- I'll try to post a pic soon!

Oh and a sweet thing that happened last week- Alden and I looked all over for those rubber bibs that have the catch-all thing at the bottom for crumbs to take with us for our daughter and couldn't find them anywhere! All our friends with infants have them, so we thought it would be easy peasy to get one. WRONG. But my co-worker heard me lamenting our inability to find these things, and the very next morning she showed up at my cubicle with not one, but TWO rubber bibs! I cried again. I need to also mention that she is due very soon with her first! And yet she went out and bought ME baby things?!? Who does that?!? Amazing.

Please be praying for us as we continue to wait- and once we get those dates we will have another whirlwind of things to do (which includes yet more paperwork....shudder....). Please pray that we will not worry and that we will press into God more and more through this journey. Thank you!