Wednesday, February 19, 2014

and the total is...

That's how much our co workers raised for us this past week! Incredible! Thank you thank you! 
The delicious cupcake sale brought in the most funds along with another coworker selling homemade salsa for us! Huge shout to out to my two co workers and their amazing culinary skills! Other coworkers have been dropping by my cubicle throughout the day to give us even more donations! One friend literally threw some bills at me and then ran away! I (Mary) love the people I work with so much and they always keep me laughing!

Also, we are receiving more donations to our adoption grant through Reece's Rainbow here. I try not to check our page too often but it's so exciting to see the numbers climbing! I know I keep saying this but Alden and I are truly so thankful for everyone's support! It means a lot to have you along side us eagerly anticipating the day we can bring our boys home forever! :)

On the paperwork front, we are so so so close to finishing our homestudy! Once that is completed we won't be able to relax just yet since we are also working on finishing up our Dossier paperwork at the same time, BUT we can tell we are nearing the end of the paper chase and we couldn't be happier about that! We could use prayers that the rest of the paperwork is completed without mistakes and as quickly as possible and that Alden and I would remain patient and calm :)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

fundraising update

We are pushing onwards and upwards with this fundraising thing and will announce a new fundraiser very soon. My wonderful co-worker also had a cupcake bake sale for us for Valentine's Day :)
I will update you with the amount she raised for us soon!
Also we should be finished with our homestudy very soon! Eeeek! Prayers are appreciated that the final bits of our paperwork will come together quickly and seemlessly so we can go get our boys as soon as possible :)

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sim'ya = Family

Hello friends!
our second shirt fundraiser in honor of our second son, Pierce, is off to a great start! We have so far sold 14 shirts! The fundraiser is only open for 4 MORE DAYS and we have to sell a minimum of 50 shirts for it to be successful. What does that mean? It means that if we don't sell at least 50 shirts, then we lose all the money pledged since no one is charged and no shirts are printed. We like how BonFireFunds sets this up since it is no risk to anyone involved and there are no upfront costs for us :) You can even help us reach our goal if you can't purchase a shirt right now by sharing our fundraiser with others! So, feel free to share this fundraiser on your facebook and twitter accounts so it can reach as many people as possible in the next 4 days! 

The word on the shirt is our favorite Cyrillic word :) It's pronounced "Sim'ya" and it means "Family"

We even have hoodies and long sleeve shirts available! Youth sizes as well for the short sleeves! Share away!