Friday, August 1, 2014


Hello friends! Thanks for your patience as things have been very busy around here! We have a court date set for our daughter, but it's a week later than we were hoping for and budgeting for. God has already provided a place for Alden and the boys to stay while they paperchase and wait for court, however, which will save us a lot of living expenses during that extra week! Praise God! Also, our FSP jumped up $1,000 yesterday!!! I couldn't believe it! Our FSP (linked to the right of this post) needs to read $12,273 for us to be fully funded for all their plane tickets home- we are getting so close!!! So grateful!

I wanted to give you a little update about how our girly is doing :) I can't post pictures yet, but she is adorable! She has gorgeous hair- can't wait to grow it out! She and I will get to grow out our hair together :) She laughs every time Alden picks her up and she has the cutest giggle ever. She can't tolerate being held for very long, but she loves to have her back rubbed. We don't know if she can see or not, but she responds to sounds and touch. Alden was allowed to take her outside and push her in the stroller they have there so she got some sunshine! I can't wait to post pictures :) We would love prayers that court would go well and we would have a kind judge!

And here are some more pics of our SONS (still not tired of saying that!):

Saturday, July 26, 2014


This past week was a big week for the Fahringer family :) I'm so happy to announce that there are two less orphans in the world- we passed court for our boys!!!

They did so well answering the judge's questions and our team said that Alden did very well too. I'm so proud of my boys! "Sheppard" chose Alex to be his new name and "Pierce" chose Mark to be his new name :) These sons of ours (never get tired of saying that ;) ) are so sweet and so much fun! They are keeping Alden on his toes for sure ;)  Bonding with them is going well and they ask every day when they get to come home.

Our girly's judge is on vacation until the 31st, so we are hoping that we will have court for her not long after- maybe around the 5th of August. We would love prayers that we will get a court date for her soon and that there are no delays!

Our yard sale was such a blessing and we raised $400! We are not yet fully funded, however, and we estimate that we need to raise about $4,000 more to get them all home (assuming there are no delays...). Thank you all who have donated already- we can never thank you enough!! And please keep those prayers coming :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Yard Sale!

Hello! Things are going very well- Alden has now met all 3 kiddos and we have a court date set for the boys! Court for Salome will hopefully be not too long after- thank you all so much for lifting us up in prayer!

I wanted to post here a yard sale fundraiser some friends are throwing for us! When we got our travel dates we were not fully funded, but have had some very generous and wonderful donations come in from dear friends who are local to us. We are now a little over $4,000 short of being fully funded. God has been providing for us in amazing ways- one of those ways has been through this yard sale :) I have been wanting to do one for months but lacked the energy and the resources to do it! Here's the link to the sale information:
We are so blessed by these amazing friends of ours for taking charge of this for us- even though they are up to their eyeballs in their own paperwork for the son they are adopting! :) This is their blog by the way...I would LOVE to see them fully funded too!

If you don't live near enough to come out to the sale which is THIS SATURDAY July 12th then feel free to share the link above with friends! Also if you live farther away but feel led to donate to our adoption costs, our link through Reece's Rainbow is still open (right side of the blog) and all donations through them are tax deductible! Thank you all so much! :)