Saturday, September 19, 2015

One year home

What a year it has been.

Thank you all for continuing to pray for us and check in on us! I can’t imagine where we would be right now without the huge support of our family and friends. God has blessed us tremendously through all of you helping us limp through this time.

I have held off from posting since what has happened this year has been so difficult to get through, let alone process into coherent words. I don’t want to go into detail, since I want to protect the boys’ privacy, but I can share that they both had to be removed from our home due to extreme safety concerns. They both ultimately had been through so much trauma in their short lives that they were unable to live safely in our home and rejected us completely. I still love them. But we also have been left with trauma of our own. We are recovering from PTSD like symptoms as we try to move on and put our family back together. 

Happily, there are positives that I’m choosing to focus on instead. The boys formed an attachment with some local friends of ours who were planning on adopting. The boys wanted to move in with them, and they agreed. So far, the boys are managing to behave safely in their home. The family now plans on adopting both boys as soon as they can, and Alden and I are very grateful to God for providing the perfect family for the boys at just the right time.

As traumatic as this year has been for us (and I'm still processing through it and what it all means for us and other adopting families going through similar situations...) God has still blessed us in so many ways. Sophie has been our light through all of this. She is doing so well! She has attached to us, she is growing, she is learning new things and her self harming behaviors have reduced drastically. She loves school and loves life! I can’t imagine our lives without her- as cliché as that sounds it is absolutely true. I’ll try to share some pictures of our princess soon so you can see how much she is changing. We love you all and thank you again for all your support- it has meant the world to us.